Hello! My name is Ivana Huq. Welcome to my blog. The main focus of my blog will be on makeup and skincare with bits of miscellaneous bits thrown in. Here I will be showing you swatches of makeup items, giving product reviews, and if/when I have the time/equipment to do so, creating tutorials. There will also be a “Personal Blog” section where my thoughts and experiences will be posted whenever I feel the need to share. 

The idea for the beauty part of this blog came from my own struggles in trying to find out what exactly my skin tone is and trying to find the proper makeup to go with it. I am of South Asian descent. When someone first hears that, the assumption is automatically made that South Asian=warm, tan, and/or brown. But that’s not the case. Growing up, I tanned very, very easily. Spending just a few hours in the sun made my skin tone darker by a couple of shades. I didn’t use sunscreen and the tanned color stuck with me to the point where I thought that my skin tone really was that tanned.

It wasn’t until I started reading up more on skincare and makeup that I realized that I seriously lacked proper skin protection from the sun. Within just a few months (weeks even) of using sunscreen regularly I finally noticed my skin’s natural tone. But even though I thought I knew what my skin tone was, it apparently wasn’t so easy for others to figure out. Whenever I went to get matched for foundation, whether at Sephora or at department stores like Macy’s, not only did my matched shade turn out to be several shades darker, but it was very far off in undertones. Sales associates would just assume that my undertone was warm and I’d end up with a foundation that was extremely yellow. Honestly, I STILL haven’t found my perfect match in foundation. I have to mix shades and even then the shade is still slightly off.

So after reading up some more about undertones in skin tones, I came to the realization that I had an olive undertone that leaned on the warm side. A simple google image search will show you that olive skin comes in so many different shades and depths.

As for the skincare part, I made the mistake of ignoring it in my teenage years. Thus, I was always oily and acne-prone. I also had some allergies that went un-diagnosed for a very long time that made me prone to skin rashes on my face. With proper allergy treatment I was able to get rid of those bumpy rashes. With a proper skin care routine, I was able to bring my acne issues almost completely under control. I also do not have oily skin anymore, however my skin is now a bit dryer though after being oily for so long, no oil seems very drying. Does that make sense? I still do get breakouts every now and then, but they’re much more manageable now.

In the images below you can literally see the difference. In the before pic (taken Nov. 4, 2012), I did not take care of my skin at all. As a result, my skin was harshly tanned and even burnt from all the sun exposure. You can also see numerous pimples. In the after pic (taken Jan. 3, 2017) ,  my skin tone is normal, brighter and much more even because I now use protection and I have almost no pimples at all.

Anyway, I hope this blog can be of some value and interest. I’m not an expert by any means. I just feel like sharing my newfound knowledge and my experiences with you all! Enjoy!


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