Farm Stay Cucumber Mask

I’m new to the Korean Beauty scene. I had heard about it before, but the price of products kind of scared me away from trying anything. But I decided to try out some Korean products after I realized that I could buy them here in Bangladesh for cheap. Seriously a sheet mask in the U.S. costs $3-$4, and on sale you can find them for $2. In Bangladesh, the price is almost half of that! So I decided to do what any sane person would do and stocked up on Korean products.

About a month ago I started seeing many online pages that sell Korean Beauty products here in Bangladesh. There’s been a boom in online shopping recently. Most of these online shops are homegrown Facebook pages, many of which bring in imported products from other countries. I checked out a few pages and ended up ordering products from two pages: Korean Cosmetics & Fashion Corner and The Korean Mall. Both pages provided excellent service and a fast delivery time. Both offer similar products, but I found that Korean Cosmetics & Fashion offered a wider variety of sheet masks, while The Korean Mall was better for actual skin care products.

I created a daily routine for my skin care (I’ll share it with you soon!). Sundays are my “Sheet mask Sundays”. Today (well technically yesterday), I tried out a Cucumber sheet mask from Farm Stay. This mask cost me 70 taka ($0.88) from Korean Cosmetics & Fashion.

Farm Stay Cucumber Sheet Mask

The text of the packet says, “Fresh cucumber extract moisturizes tired skin to refresh with vitality. The sheet adheres to skin closely and smoothly to transform your skin vibrant with moist all day without irritation.”

The mask inside was indeed very moist. After picking up the mask itself, I still had plenty of “essence” left inside of the packet. I save any leftover essence for later use.

The smell of the mask did smell a lot like cucumbers. It was a refreshing and pleasant smell. The essence wasn’t too thick or sticky, but it wasn’t thin and watery either. The mask itself fit my face well. I have a small face, but my cheeks are on the chubby side and I found that they weren’t able to be completely covered by the mask. I had to stretch the mask to cover those areas.

Mask applied to my face.

You can also notice that it fits kind of weirdly in my chin area. I was able to just lift up that part of the mask and fix it that way.

When I had the mask on, I didn’t have any reactions to my skin. I kept the mask on for 30-35 minutes until it was completely dry.

Results: I noticed that my skin looked brighter and clearer. I am in the middle of a break out and have some small pimples on my chin. After the mask, I noticed that the pimples weren’t as noticeable anymore. My skin also felt extremely moisturized and I am thankful for that as I suffer from dry skin. In fact, I skipped my daily nightly moisturizer because I felt that this mask was sufficient.

Rating: 9/10  This mask is great for an instant brightening effect and offers a lot of hydration for dry skin.

I’ll be posting weekly sheet mask reviews on Sundays, so be sure to follow me for updates!



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