Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Black Berry Mask

I’m posting this a little later than usual because I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to make a post this week. I have a hideous pimple on my chin that is in it’s “gory” phase. And I’m sure nobody wants to see my bloody pimple! Then I thought that pimples are natural, many people get them, and many people are probably experiencing what I’m experiencing right now. So why feel ashamed of it?

I looked for something that might soothe my skin and decided to try this Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Black Berry mask. It cost me 100 taka (~$1.25) from Korean Cosmetics & Fashion Corner.

Mask Packet Front
Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Black Berry Mask


The description states that it is a mask “made with freshly squeezed blackberry to make the skin firm and supple while reducing wrinkles”. On the Innisfree website, it mentions three benefits of this mask:

  1. The blackberry makes the skin healthy.
  2. The jeju green complex, consisting of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids keep the skin healthy
  3. The triple-layered mask gives a long-lasting moisturizing effect.


Initial Reactions:

When I first opened the mask, I noticed that the essence was white and milky in appearance. All the masks I’ve tried so far have had clear, watery essence. It smelled like blackberries! Real blackberries! It was a pleasant and soothing smell to me, but if you have sensitivities to smell then it might not be as pleasant for you. The mask itself was very thick. And the essence was a bit sticky like lotion.


The fit of the mask was good. I did end up ripping the side a little bit, but that was all my fault. As you can see, all of my face was covered except for the very edges of my cheeks and the tip of my nose for some reason.

Face with mask
Mask on face

Wearing the mask:

I didn’t feel reactions while wearing the mask. I kept it on for about 30 minutes only because there was so much essence and I wanted my face to soak it all up.


Innisfree Real Black Berry before and after wo flash
Before and After without flash
Before and After Innisfree It's Real Black Berry
Before and after with flash

(This is the first time I enlisted my husband’s help to take photos. That’s why I have that goofy smile.)

The results aren’t that noticeable visually. But in the photo with flash you can see how the mask did give a slight glow and you can actually see all of that moisture from the mask glistening on my skin (note the forehead). It’s also visible in the after photo without flash (look at the nose).

My skin felt SO soft and moisturized. It actually felt the same as if I had used an actual moisturizer. The effects were even present the next morning!

Rating: 10/10 I loved this mask. Not only did it smell delicious, it lived up to its claim of giving my skin long-lasting moisture that lasted the next morning. There was also a slight glowing effect as well. It’s definitely one that I will be using often!









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