Foodaholic Cucumber Natural Essence Mask

I decided to try out one of the masks from my order from The Square (China). The cost was 85 taka (~$1.06). I chose this Foodaholic Cucumber Natural Essence Mask because my skin needed some hydration.

Mask Packet


The front of the packet says that “the optimum skin condition is maintained by cucumber extract to make [it] elastic and moisturizing.” The back of the packet states that this mask “supplies the moisture and nutrition to the skin and soothes and normalizes the skin.”

Initial Reactions:

The mask has a pleasant smell of fresh cucumbers. The mask itself is thick. It was folded in half and I had some difficulty in opening it up.


The mask fit my face perfectly. It was cut up into sections so each part of my face was adequately covered. There’s a seam in the middle, though I have no idea what the seam actually does. The sheet extended all the way to the bottom of my face so I was able to cover the area under my chin.

Mask Applied

Wearing the mask:

There was no adverse reaction from the mask. There was a slight cooling effect.


Before and after without flash
Before and After without flash
Before and after with flash
Before and After with flash

The results aren’t visually noticeable. There’s maybe a very subtle brightening effect. There was also a cooling aftereffect. My face was moisturized, but also left with a slightly sticky feeling.

Rating: 8.5/10 This mask fits the face perfectly and offers quick refreshment, but also leaves the face a little sticky.



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