e.l.f. Lip Products Swatches

I’m a big fan of e.l.f. products. I’ve had success with all of their products that I’ve tried thus far. In the U.S. e.l.f. is considered a budget friendly brand, but in Bangladesh the price for e.l.f. products cost double or even more. BUT it’s completely understandable because imported cosmetics are taxed heavily and there are all sorts of nasty customs business involved when importing even the cheapest of brands.

Recently, an online e.l.f. store opened up in Bangladesh. The website looks almost exactly like the American e.l.f. website. Orders of 1000 taka (~$12.44) have free delivery. They also give out free samples (with a shipping charge of 50 taka/~$0.62) of their foundations, concealers, and skin products. I decided to order some items, mostly lip products, and a few other essentials. I also ordered some samples of foundations, but they were out of stock so I should be getting them later.

The service of the e.l.f. BD website is amazing. They were very fast and responsive. They make an effort to personally connect with each of their customers on all social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, email, etc. They even threw in two free gifts with my order.

elf haul
e.l.f. BD haul

Products from Left to Right:

  1. Illuminating Mist & Set (825 taka/~$10.27 compared to $4 in the U.S. )
  2. Ex-tra Lip Gloss in Luke (425 taka/~$5.29 compared to $2 in the U.S.)
  3. Essential Lipstick in Fearless (199 taka/~$2.48 compared to $1 in the U.S.)
  4. Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted* (625 taka/~$7.78 compared to $3 in the U.S.)
  5. Essential Lipstick in Sociable (199 taka/~$2.48 compared to $1 in the U.S.)
  6. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara (425 taka/~$5.29 compared to $2 in the U.S.)
  7. Lip Balm SPF 15 in Pink* (625 taka/~$7.78 compared to $3 in the U.S.)

*These items were free gifts from e.l.f. BD.

Total: 2073 taka/~$25.79

Onto the swatches and reviews!

Product Pic
(L-R: Sociable, Fearless, Luke, Pink)

Here are arm swatches. These swatches are of the products applied 3 times to show the true color as all of these are kind of sheer.

Arm swatches

1)Essential Lipstick in Sociable

Sociable Lip

Sociable is a deeper pinkish-mauve color. The lipstick smells fruity, but has no taste. It is definitely not transfer-proof, but then again it’s not marketed to be! It’s a nice color with a pigmented color that can be built up to the intensity of your liking. It’s also quite shimmery. It’s very easy to apply as it glides on so smoothly on the lips. I can’t comment on the wear time because I took it off to do the other swatches.

2) Essential Lipstick in Fearless

Fearless Lip

Fearless is a light red color that has a sheen to it. This one also has that fruity smell. It also glides on smoothly, though I did have a harder time trying to apply it evenly, but that’s due to my crappy lipstick applying skills.

3) EX-tra Lipgloss in Luke

Luke Lip

This is such a pretty color! I think I have a “type” of color that I just can’t get enough of- this pinkish, plum-y mauve color that is similar to one of my HG lip products- NYX Cannes. It’s super soft and feels so lush on the lips. Obviously not transfer proof- is there any gloss that is? Very pigmented and so shiny 😀 I’ve been wearing matte lipsticks for so long that I completely forgot what it’s like to wear a gloss. They do wonders for plumping up my lips. This gloss doesn’t have a smell, BUT it does taste like berries 😀 I find that so weird, but so cool!

4) Lip Balm SPF 15 in Pink

Pink Lip

This honestly isn’t one of my favorites. This is due to the color completely washing me out. It’s a pale greyish pink color. It does feel soft though and is very hydrating. I just wish the color would work for me. I’ll still wear it out though, but maybe mixed with another product to change the color!


Essential Lipstick in Sociable: 9/10 Applies smoothly, hydrating, smells good, sheer but can be built up. It is a bit difficult to twist up and down.

Essential Lipstick in Fearless: 9/10 Applies smoothly, hydrating, smells good, sheer but can be built up. It is a bit difficult to twist up and down.

EX-tra Lip Gloss in Luke: 10/10 Beautiful color, tastes like berries, hydrating, plumps up lips nicely, easy to apply.

Lip Balm SPF 15 in Pink: 8/10 Not a suitable color for my skin tone and application can be a little tricky, but it is very hydrating.


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