TONYMOLY Master Lab Intensive Brightening Vitamin C

I opted for a brightening mask this week because my skin’s been feeling a little dull. I tried this TONYMOLY Intensive Brightening Vitamin C Mask that I bought from The Korean Mall BD for 200 taka (~$2.48).

Mask Package


The back of the packet states that “this Master Lab mask brightens skin.” Very to-the-point!

Initial Reactions:

The mask has a citrusy smell that reminds me of lemon scented floor cleaners. It’s not too strong, but it isn’t weak either. So if you’re sensitive to smells, you should be warned. The mask itself is very thin and almost transparent.

Mask on Face


The mask fit was okay. There were gaps near the sides of my nose and the part for the upper lip area was a bit too thin. Other than that it was fine.

Wearing the mask:

There was no adverse reaction from the mask. The lemony smell did weaken as the mask dried up.


Before and After no flash
Before and After no flash
Before and After flash
Before and After with flash

The results were great. The brightening effect was very visible with and without flash. My only complaint is that my skin did feel very sticky afterwards. It also wasn’t very hydrating, but I’ve found that most things with Vitamin C usually aren’t so hydrating…like orange juice actually makes me thirstier. Anyway, the sticky feeling did go away after about an hour or so.

Rating: 9/10 This mask did very visibly brightened up my skin but also left the skin feeling a bit sticky.


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