Mini Haul of the Day

A mini haul today 🙂 An online makeup store called Carnesia was having a Boishaki (Bengali New Year) sale with 20% off makeup accessories and 10% off brand products. I decided to buy the following:

  1. Brush cleaner pad (160 taka/~$1.97, normally 200 taka/~$2.47) 
  2. Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick in the shade “Vino Tinto” (640 taka/~$7.89, normally 700 taka/~$8.63)

I placed the order yesterday evening and it was delivered this evening, so a 24 hour delivery time which is pretty amazing!

Sleek swatch and carnesia mini haul

When I opened up the lipstick the first thing my husband said was, “Don’t you already have this shade??” I had to prove him wrong so I got out similar shades I own and compared them. He then admitted that no, I don’t have this shade 😛

Review: Sleek’s Vino Tinto is a really pretty red wine color. The application can be a little tricky because the lipstick dries down really fast, and putting on multiple swipes can make the whole thing look a little patchy. I would definitely use this with a lipliner of the same color to make things easier. It is transfer proof once it dries down completely.

Rating: 8.5/10 It’s a gorgeous red wine color that’s a little tricky to apply, but once it dries down, it really is transfer proof.



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