Farm Stay Collagen Mask

Tonight’s sheet mask of choice is Farm Stay’s Collagen mask. I bought this from Korean Cosmetics & Fashion Corner for 70 taka/~$0.83.

Mask Packet


This mask is described as “containing water-soluble collagen, it controls sebum balance to manage keratin. As the sheet adheres to skin smoothly, serum is absorbed to the skin sufficiently to transform your skin translucent.” I have no idea what this means, but I assume it’s a very hydrating mask.

Initial Reactions:

There was a light soapy scent to the mask. It was very liquidy and there was a lot of leftover essence.


Mask on face

The mask fit was pretty good. However it was a little too big in the upper lip area. I wasn’t able to talk or open my mouth while I had this on.

Wearing the mask:

There was no adverse reaction from the mask. I felt a slight cooling effect while wearing it.


B & A no flash

B & A flash


The results were good. The mask did live up to its promise of being very hydrating. My skin had a slight sheen to it from all the moisture as apparent in the before and after photos. There was no sticky feeling afterwards. It was also so moisturizing that I was able to skip my nightly moisturizer.

Rating: 9/10 This is a very moisturizing mask that cools the skin and leaves it feeling super hydrated afterwards.


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