Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I bought this Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel back in January from The Korean Mall BD. The cost was 900 taka/~$11.00. I wanted to wait until I finish (or almost finish) the jar before doing a review. So this review comes after almost 3 months of regular usage.



According to the Nature Republic website, this gel is made up of 92% Aloe Vera leaf extract. It provides skin firming and moisturizing effect and also provides a refreshing feel to the skin. And it makes the body and surface of the body healthy.

**Please note that there have been fakes produced of this product. The fake ones are everywhere here in Bangladesh. Here’s a very helpful link that shows how to spot the real aloe gel.

Initial Reactions:

Hand swatch

The aloe gel smells good. It’s a light aloe smell. Not too strong. The consistency is clear, gel-like and not sticky. You can see how the skin instantly shines once the gel is rubbed in.


There’s 8 different uses listed on the website, but personally I use this in 6 different ways (these are the bolded ones).

  1. Moisturizing Sleeping Pack
  2. Glowing Skin Makeup
  3. Moisture Replenish for Body
  4. Silky Smooth Hair Treatment
  5. Cooling Eyes & Moisturizing Lips
  6. Light Aftershave Soothing Gel
  7. Hydrating Nail Essence For Healthy Nails
  8. Perfect Skin Soothing Gel


Before and After

On Hair

Ok, so I don’t even know how to visually describe the after effects of this gel. In the before, I guess my skin is naturally kind of glowing/yellow, but after using the gel it became more pinkish. I don’t want to say that it made my skin darker, because it is a brighter pink. It’s weird. My face is just weird and my skin tone is just weird. I wish I could understand it better. Anyway, sorry for the mini-rant. After using this gel, my skin feels smoother, softer and more hydrated.

I liked how the gel made my hair instantly smooth and shiny. I have naturally straight hair, but sometimes it can get a little dry. So this gel is perfect for adding some of that much needed moisture.

Rating: 10/10 This is an amazing multi-purpose gel. After using it for 3 months straight I found my face to be much smoother and softer. I love using it before makeup as a primer as it provides a great hydrating base for my foundation. And I like how shiny and smooth it makes my hair. A little goes a long way for this product, so expect this jar to last a few months. Great product at a great value!


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