Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Blush Palette

I bought this Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Palette from the Wari outlet. It cost me 900 taka/~$10.83.



Arm Swatches


These blushes are buildable, meaning they aren’t very pigmented with one swipe. But with a few swipes, you are able to build up the color. For blushes, I know that many people prefer buildable blushes to very pigmented ones because you can choose the intensity of your preference. They are a bit powdery, so you can expect a little kick up. But they blend very well on the cheeks. They are a bit subtle on my skin tone, so I prefer to use them when I want a more subtle blush look. These blushes last a long time, maybe 5-6 hours even without the use of a setting spray.

Rating: 8/10 I like the variety of the colors found in this blush palette. For this price, this is a great blush palette with buildable colors. The shades 4 and 8 also can be used as a shimmery highighter, shade 4 is actually one of my favorites! The quality of this makes me want to try out their other blush palettes 🙂



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