Entel Pine Mushroom Mask

I tried out an Entel Pine Mushroom Mask today. I bought it from Korean Cosmetics and Fashion Corner for 35 taka/~$0.42.



The description on the front make no sense as it’s written in broken English. It states “skin to give the animation and elasticity in the pine mushroom extract blend, rich mineral and vitamins that have been included in the anti-inflammatory effect and matsutake is to trimmed in shiny further be resilient skin” which I assume means something to the effect of “this mask has a blend of pine mushroom extract, rich minerals, and vitamins that give an anti-inflammatory effect to create shiny, resilient skin.”

Initial Reactions:

The mask was very moist and there was only a little essence leftover in the packet. There was a very earthy, slighly spicy smell. I liked the smell but it may be a little off-putting to those with sensitivities to smells. The mask was very easy to open up.


Mask on face

The mask fit my face perfectly. There were no gaps anywhere on my face.

Wearing the mask:

There was no adverse reaction from the mask.


Before and After no flash

Before and After flash

I left the mask on for 25 minutes because it took a while for the mask to dry. The mask left some indentation marks on my skin that went away after a few minutes. My skin felt firmer and smoother. And it did leave my skin very, very shiny. However, it wasn’t very hydrating, so I had to use my regular moisturizer after.

Rating: 9/10 This mask has a perfect fit and lives up to its claims of leaving my skin shinier and more resilient (firmer). One point taken off because of the marks it left on my face. I will definitely repurchase this mask!


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