Benefit Rollerlash Review

Ah, my mascara woes! I have super straight, but kind of long lashes. Without mascara, it looks like I hardly have any lashes. I also suck at applying falsies. So I’m always in search of that perfect curling mascara. The closest to a HG mascara that I’ve found so far is the Covergirl Clump Crusher. I’ve tried too many drugstore mascaras, so I decided to try a mid-end mascara.

I bought this mini Benefit Roller Lash mascara from a new online Facebook page store here in Bangladesh called Black Eyed Beauty BEB for 1170 taka/~$14.35. (the original price was 1300/~$15.94 taka but I received a 10% discount for being one of the first 10 customers.) This mascara retails for $12 in the U.S. Black Eyed Beauty BEB provided really good service. All of my questions were answered promptly and in a very friendly and professional manner. Delivery time was reasonably fast. The prices are fair and the quality of the products are amazing. 🙂

Results: I don’t know why it took me so long to try out a mid-range mascara. I was always under the impression that they were just overpriced products with the same quality as drugstore brands. Boy, was I wrong! Here are some before and after comparisons.

In the before photos, I am not wearing any products. Those are my bare lashes that stick straight out with no curl whatsoever. You can see in the top middle picture that my lashes aren’t that short, just stick straight.

I applied to Roller Lash to my bare lashes. I didn’t use a lash curler or any sort of lash primer. The results are in the photos. Do I even need to explain anything else?


🔸The Roller Lash gave my lashes an instant curl and lifted them, just like it claims.

🔸It’s not waterproof, but doesn’t smudge either.

🔸It’s not clumpy, and I can evenly apply a coat or two to give this naturally curled effect.

🔸Anything more than 2 coats might cause a mess though.

🔸It lasts the whole day and can be easily removed.

Rating: 10/10 I think I just found my new favorite mascara. Just one coat of this Benefit Roller Lash gives my hopelessly straight lashes an instant long-lasting curl. I’m not a falsies person so this is perfect for that natural look that I love. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing curling mascara and anyone who wants to branch out from drugstore products.



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