Farm Stay Acerola Sheet Mask

I’ve had a long, kind of depressing day. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to make a post today. But I did because it helps keep my mind off things ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried out this Farm Stay Acerola sheet mask. It cost 70 taka/~$0.86 from Korean Cosmetics & Fashion Corner.


The sheet mask packet states that this is a “fresh sheet-type mask containing acerola extracts to whiten rough and dry skin clearly and brightly adheres to the skin, so that the skin texture needs to be moisturized can be freshened and tightened without stickiness.” Simply put, this mask contains acerola extract that helps whiten and brighten rough and dry skin while also providing moisture and freshness. 

Initial Reactions: 

There was a slightly sweet and pleasant smell. The mask was very moist, but slightly sticky. It was very easy to open the mask. 


The fit of the mask was not so great. It didn’t cover the sides of my cheeks and I had to stretch the fabric to cover my face properly. You can see how it bunched up where the fabric was stretched. 


There were no adverse reactions. There was a slight cooling sensation while wearing the mask. 


I wore this mask for 25 minutes as it took a while for the mask to dry completely. My face felt very moisturized and was indeed whitened and brightened up. My skin felt tight, cool and refreshed. 

Rating: 9/10 This is a cool, refreshing mask that brightens and tightens the skin. It’s perfect for hot summer days. I just wish it had a better fit. 


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