Entel Aqua Mask

I was in need of some hydration today so I used this Entel Aqua Mask that I bought from Korean Cosmetics and Fashion Corner for 35 taka/~$0.43. 


The front of the packet states “and fried to hyaluronic acid and ceramide 3 with excellent moisturizing effect of the skin that is rough enhanced water retention, reconfigure the intercellular lipids, supress evaporation of skin moisture, established a moist and skin, skin will help to promote the elasticity.” I have no idea what this really means. But my best guess is that this mask has hyaluronic acid and ceramide 3 that helps skin retain moisture and keep it elastic. 

Initial Reactions: 

There was no scent and the mask was very, very moist. It was also very easy to open the mask up, took less than 2 seconds. 


The fit was excellent. There was no part of my face that was left uncovered. 


There were no adverse reactions. It did feel very cooling though. 


It took about half an hour for this mask to completely dry. It also started coming off by itself as it dried up. The results were pretty good. My face felt very hydrated and wasn’t sticky. The skin felt cool to the touch. My skin also glowed. The only downside it that the effect didn’t really last that long. Within 5 minutes, my face was already losing some of the moisture from the mask. But after about half an hour, my face did feel hydrated again. So that was weird. 

Rating: 9/10 This is a moisturizing mask that has leaves the skin feeling cool, glowing, and hydrated. It doesn’t last long initially, but after a while my face did feel hydrated again. 


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