Natureby Cucumber Essence Mask

I’m a day late for my weekly sheet mask review. But better late than never 🙂

It’s been unbearably hot and humid the past few days so I opted for this Natureby Cucumber Essence Mask that I bought from Korean Cosmetics and Fashion Corner for 100 taka/~$1.24, but I got it on sale for 80 taka/~$1.00. 

Description: The mask packet says that “this water-soluble essence mask sheet pack is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural plant extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients…includes cucumber extracts that help to tighten pores, soften rough skin while it cleans and moisturizes and hydrates.”

Initial Reactions: The mask smelled like cucumbers. It was a light fragrancey smell. The sheet wasn’t too thick or too thin. It was easy to open, wet, and had plenty of leftover essence in the packet. 

Fit: This mask doesn’t have the best fit. The sides of my cheeks were left uncovered and there were weird gaps near the sides of my nose. 

Reactions: There were no adverse reactions. But the mask did feel very cooling. 


I wore the mask for 30 minutes. My face was left feeling tighter and more refreshed. My skin felt so smooth, hydrated, and I had a healthy glow. 

Rating: 9/10 This is a great mask for hot summer days. It leaves me feeling cool and refreshed with tighter pores and a healthy glow. One point taken off because the fit could be better. 


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