Aritaum Aloe Mask Sheet

I’m late again this week for my weekly sheet mask review. I have a horrible cold mixed with allergies, so I haven’t been feeling well enough to work on the blog. My nose has been suffering from peeling dryness from all the tissue-blowing 😦 I figured this Aritaum Aloe Mask Sheet would help my face regain some much needed moisture. I bought it from Korean Cosmetics and Fashion Corner for 100 taka/~$1.24, but I got it on sale for 80 taka/~$1.00.


Description: Besides the name of the mask, nothing else is written in English. But from my experience with mask sheets so far, aloe is always a good hydrating mask.

Initial Reactions: The mask had a strong scent of aloe. The sheet was easy to open, moist, and there was plenty of leftover essence.


Fit: This mask doesn’t have that good of a fit. The sides of my nose were left uncovered and the nose part was huge. I had to fold it over.

Reactions: There were no adverse reactions. It felt very cool on the face.



20170530_000005The results weren’t anything special. The mask did make my face feel super soft, but it didn’t really provide any extra hydration.

Rating: 7/10 This Aritaum Aloe mask has a good cooling effect and results in super soft skin. However, there isn’t much hydration, and the fit isn’t so great. I don’t know if I’ll be repurchasing this one.


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