Natureby Blueberry Essence Mask

I haven’t written a review in over a month! 

Today’s mask choice of the night is this Natureby Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet that I bought from K-Corner for 80 taka/$1 on sale. Normal price is 100 taka/$1.25. 

Description: This mask is a firming and moisturizing one. The front of the packet states that wearing it for 20-30 minutes will make my skin feel revitalized again. 

Reactions: The mask had a slight sweet smell but didn’t really smell much like blueberries. The sheet was easy to open, very, very moist, and there was so much leftover essence.

This mask had an okay fit. The area above my lip was too small and the mask didn’t reach all the way to the sides of my cheeks. 

: There were no adverse reactions. 


It took 30 minutes for the mask to dry. My face did feel much tighter and smoother after taking off the mask. However, I was left feeling the tiniest bit sticky, but it went away after a few minutes. My face felt very hydrated and I didn’t need to use my nightly moisturizer. 

: 9/10 This Natureby Blueberry mask lives up to its claims of leaving the skin moisturized and firm. One point taken off for some small fit issues. 


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