Entel Black Pearl Sheet Mask

I’ve been slacking off on my blogging. I promise to update more!

Today’s sheet mask is this Entel Black Pearl Mask that I received from The Koreal Mall as a free gift with purchase. The normal price of these sheets are 40-45 taka/~$0.50.


This mask claims to smooth the skin to make it clearer and more elastic

Initial Reactions:

The mask had a sweet fragrant smell to it. The sheet was very easy to open and was very moist and full of essence.


This mask had an excellent fit. All areas of my face were covered properly.


There were no adverse reactions.


It took over 40 minutes for the mask to completely dry. My face felt much tighter and smoother after taking off the mask. There was also some glowing action! However, my face did feel a little sticky afterwards. The mask left my face hydrated so I didn’t need to use my nightly moisturizer.

Rating: 9/10 This Entel mask lives up to its claims of leaving the skin smooth and elastic. One point taken off because of the stickiness afterwards.


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